Exploring Your Self
A basic tenant of PROWAY is that without self-awareness, you can never become a good leader. Too often power and position blind leaders to the truth about both their strengths and weaknesses. You can never tell the Emperor he is wearing the wrong clothes. We were very impressed with the work that Carl Jung did almost a century ago on personality. The sixteen core personalities that he defined provide a brilliant insight into who we are. PROWAY working with researchers at East China Normal University's Psychology Department created the Chinese Type Assessment in 1999. This was the first test created in China for Chinese culture using Jung's principles. Not without its flaws, we still find the Chinese Type Assessment an excellent first step in helping leaders and led explore the realities of who they are and why they act in the way they act.
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Recruiting the Right People
Jim Collins argues that it is more than finding the right person; it is also putting the right person on the right seat of your bus. Extensive research has shown that general mental ability tests have a 0.5 correlation with success in the workplace. This led us to develop a critical thinking test that provides a simple but accurate estimate of a potential employee's general mental abilities. Widely used by several large corporations, we believe your company will also benefit from adopting it as an inexpensive tool for filling the seats on your bus.
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Our most recently developed tool for recruiting fresh graduates, the Chinese Graduate EQ Test takes advantage of the most advanced research on emotional intelligence to provide you with an inexpensive second look at college graduates.
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