It's Not Your Father's China!
Several years back, PROWAY was working with an Italian company to help localize several assessment tests. We needed to develop a marketing strategy and a visual image for the new tests. It so happens that my younger brother Chuck is a graphic designer and had contributed to PROWAY marketing over the years. Our “Break the Box!’ logo was his brain child as was our original Yin and Yang logo.

Chuck had worked for a time at IBM in their highly creative marketing department and had come up with the slogan – It’s not your father’s IBM! It was not a far leap to create a new marketing campaign, entitled “It’s not your father’s China!”
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Meet Dr. Gene Dorris
Dr. Carl Eugene "Gene" Dorris founded Professional Way in 1998 with the aim of creating a leading edge management consulting company to help China transition to the world stage and develop China-grown leaders to play a major roles in international business.

Gene was born in Southern Illinois and raised in Oklahoma. He received a doctorate in Modern Chinese History from the University of Kansas in 1975. Following his graduation, he was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of California-Berkeley's Center for Chinese Studies where he studied under the direction of eminent China scholars Chalmers Johnson, Fred Wakeman and John Stewart Service.   read more

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